Real Stories about Real Aussies

Where it began…

We’re Kylie and Alison, two fun-loving, fiery redheads who share the same goals and passions for storytelling and photography. Kylie is a master photographer who’s worked as a journalist in various media outlets and Alison is an associate photographer with a Degree in Communications, with majors in journalism and public relations. We both love to chat over a glass of red wine and share a story or two.
The adventure began when, chatting over a coffee one day, Kylie confessed she craved to do something inspirational and purposeful. Alison, who’d been feeling lacklustre herself for quite some time, declared; “WE NEED A PROJECT!”.
And so, after a few drinks (that weren’t coffee), much laughter and excited planning, Redheads On The Road was born! We’ll share our shenanigans with you (and trust us, there will be shenanigans) as we embark on various road trips together, searching for stories that are authentic, quirky, humorous or sad. We’ll talk to real people from all walks of life as we road trip across the country. And we’ll share our mishaps along the way.
If you have a story to tell, we’d love to hear from you.
Go on, you know you want to. Send us a message now.

kylie & alison

Redheads on the Road is the creation of Kylie and Alison – red wine loving writers, journalists, photographers, superstar mums and fun and fiery redheads. We are hitting the road to tell the stories of real, everyday aussies.