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Planning Our outback adventure

outback adventureLet the outback adventure begin!

In just a few days, Kylie and I will be heading off on an outback adventure! We’re making the trek to Cunnamulla in the great Aussie outback!  And we’re super excited for this adventure and keen to meet some colourful characters along the way. We’re going to cram in as much as we can in the 7 days we’ve allocated for this trip. We’re both so strapped for time, although I must admit, Kylie has taken pushing the time constraints to the next level. Kylie, who is currently in Hong Kong on her own little adventure, gets back at 5.30 Monday morning. The day we leave! Needless to stay I’ll be driving the first stretch and force-feeding Kylie shots of coffee.

The First Stop On Our Outback Adventure

Our first overnight stop will be St George, 513km west of Brisbane and has a population of around 2400 people. It’s a really pretty country town in the Shire of Balonne. We plan to explore the local sights, indulge our passion for photography and check out the local pub where we are bound to find a few locals keen to have a chat with a couple of chatty, fun-loving redheads.

On day two of our outback adventure we’ll set off for Cunnamulla, 805km west of Brisbane. The scenery in the outback is quite spectacular, although I’m sure it will be tinged with sadness.  Because the drought has crippled our outback aussies. The farmers stock have no feed and any natural source of food has long since withered away and turned to red dust. And for many parts of outback Queensland, it’s been three years since rain has dampened the red earth. So we’re expecting some pretty sparse landscapes littered with dead trees and the carnage of starved wildlife.

The Adventureres

However, there’ll be much to explore on our outback adventure. In between our chats with the locals and checking out the outback sights, we’re going to be busy! We have plans to explore the area, to feast on some local specialties (I hear the Cunnamulla Coffee Shop’s camel burgers are quite tasty), and we’ll call into the old country pubs for a cheeky beverage or two and indulge our passion for photography. And maybe we’ll snap an award image while we’re at it!

So, if you’d like to follow along on our misadventures watch this space!

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