About Us

We’re Kylie and Alison, two fun-loving, fiery redheads who share the same goals and passions for storytelling and photography. Kylie is a master photographer in the AIPP who’s worked as a journalist in various media outlets. Kylie received her Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) in 2000.

Alison is an associate photographer with the AIPP and works as a freelance media and content writer. Alison has a Degree in Communications, with majors in journalism and public relations.

We both love to chat over a glass of red wine and share a story or two.

Meet Kylie & Alison

Kylie Garner

Journalist & Photographer

Journalist, photographer, blogger, social media and brand strategist and superstar mum. Lover of wine and pink gin. Loves cats that act like dogs!


Kylie is a multi-award winning master photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.


Journalist and Brand strategist

Kylie has worked for multiple media outlets including ABC News Online

Kylie’s business Kreatology is sought after for brand management, marketing and SEO services. She is the ‘go to’ person for creative people!

Super star mum

Kylie is a supermum to two gorgeous and cheeky boys.


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Alison Hockings

Journalist & Photographer

Journalist, photographer, blogger, communications specialist, red wine lover,  superstar mum, rock star wife. Crazy dog lover.


Alison is a multi-award winning accredited photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography
Alison is a wedding, newborn and portrait specialist and Alison Cooke Photography was voted one of Brisbane’s best wedding photographers in 2019 by The Courier Mail.

Journalist and Writer

Alison is a freelance media and communications specialist and has gained state and national publicity for her clients, along with creating creative content and writing through her business Creative Media Communications.

Super star mum – Rock Star Wife

Alison super powers –  created two awesome humans.

Wife to a super hubster who encourages and supports all my misadventures and endeavours.